Using Rapid Experimentation To Seek Validation

Yannick Khayati

Founder & Validation Lead at Cosmos Collective

as recorded on 27 October 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Foresight & Business Design

About 80% of new business ideas fail to find product-market fit. Yannick introduced us to some shortcuts to eliminate the ideas that won't stick.

About the speaker

Yannick Khayati is an expert in testing & launching ideas through rapid experimentation.

In the last years, he has built Cosmos Collective, a studio that focuses on corporate business experimentation. It takes way too long for new innovations to hit the market in large enterprises. Yannick is an expert in de-risking innovation while accelerating innovation.

The secret ingrediënt? Rapid experimentation sequences.

With his validation methodology, he throws the traditional corporate innovation playbook overboard… less theatre, more action.

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